Vice President


  • Bombay University, BE Degree in Electronics Engineering, 1999
  • Utah State University, MS Degree in Electrical Engineering, 2005

Professional Licenses and Affiliations

  • Registered Professional Engineer (Electrical), State of California, E-18063
  • Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • Member, IEEE International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety


  • Associate in the firm of Hammett & Edison, Inc., since 2001
  • Vice President in the firm of Hammett & Edison, Inc. since 2016

Technical Publications by Rajat Mathur, P.E.

Authors Document TitlePublicationPublished
Rajat Mathur, P.E.
Robert P. Smith, Jr.
Mapping Coverage Gain and Loss in the U.S. Transition to Digital Television (PDF) NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference Proceeedings, pp. 797-805 2009 
Rajat Mathur, P.E.
Randy Haupt, Charles Swenson 
Student Antenna Design for a Nanosatellite (PDF) Aerospace Conference, IEEE Procedings, Vol. 7, pp. 3683-3688 2001 

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