President & CEO


  • Dartmouth College, AB Degree magna cum laude in Engineering Sciences, 1977
  • University of Illinois, MS Degree in Mechanical Engineering, 1978

Professional Licenses and Affiliations

  • Registered Professional Engineer (Mechanical), State of California, M-20676
  • Registered Professional Engineer (Electrical), State of California, E-13026
  • Full Member, Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers


  • Corporate Engineering, Standard Oil Company, San Francisco, California, 1978-1980
  • Computer Trading Programs, Dean Witter Reynolds, San Francisco, California, 1980-1985
  • Associate in the firm of Hammett & Edison, Inc., 1985-1989
  • President, Hammett & Edison, Inc., since 1989

Technical Publications by William F. Hammett

Authors Document TitlePublicationPublished
William F. Hammett, P.E.Human Exposure to Radio-frequency EnergyNAB Engineering Handbook, Tenth Edition (co-author), Chapter 2.4 2007 
William F. Hammett, P.E.Radio Frequency Radiation: Issues and StandardsPublished by McGraw-Hill 1997 
William F. Hammett, P.E.Nonionizing Electromagnetic RadiationCRC Electronics Handbook, Chapter 140 1996 
William F. Hammett, P.E.Meeting IEEE C95.1-1991 RequirementsNAB Engineering Conference 1993 
William F. Hammett, P.E.Human Exposure to RF RadiationNAB Engineering Handbook, Eighth Edition (co-author, editor), Chapter 2.9 1992 
William F. Hammett, P.E.RFR.Tower: Computer Analysis of On-Tower RFR Exposure ConditionsNAB Engineering Conference1991

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