Docket Comments

At H&E, we regularly participate in the regulatory process by filing comments and petitions with the FCC in rule-making and other docketed proceedings.  Over the years, our voice has been heard on many important technical issues, and we hope we have helped the Commission establish policies and rules beneficial to the broadcasting industry.

Below is a partial list of recent filings to dockets that are still active at the Commission, along with related documents and other information.  Most of the documents are available as Acrobat PDF files (Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view PDF files). 

AMTS/PTC Interference to TV Channels 10 and 13


Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Docket 06-142, Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems (SVRS) (aka LoJack)

Media Bureau Docket 11-93, CALM Act

Media Bureau Docket 03-185, Concerning Digital Class A TV, LPTV and TV Translator Stations

 Petition for Rulemaking to Fix Error in Section 1.958 Distance Calculation Formula

Media Bureau Docket 87-268, Digital Television (DTV)

Media Bureau Docket 07-91, Third Periodic Review of DTV Rules and Policies

Media Bureau Docket 03-15, Second Periodic Review of DTV Rules and Policies

Media Bureau Docket 00-39, Review of DTV Rules and Policies

Media Bureau Docket 99-292, Class A Television Service

Cable Services Docket 98-201, Satellite Delivery of Network Signals to Unserved Households

Media Bureau Docket 97-217, ITFS/MMDS Two-way Service

Media Bureau Docket 93-177, Inquiry into AM Radio Service Rules and Policy