Your report says that the maximum RF level at my house will be 1% of the standard. Does that mean that there's a 1 in a hundred chance I'll get sick?

No, it doesn’t, and understanding the terminology is vital to understanding such results.  An exposure level of 1% means that, calculated using several conservative factors, the level is 100 times lower than the standard allows and, to quote from the latest version in the U.S., "[N]o measurable risk is associated with exposure levels less than … this standard." We express the results in percent to show how they compare with the standard; anything less than 100% is, by definition, less than the standard and so has "no measurable risk." An exposure level of 1% means there’s an additional 100-times margin of safety on top of the 50-times factor already in the standard; that equals a total margin of 5,000 times.