Hammett & Edison, Inc., Consulting Engineers, provides regulatory compliance services to wireless telecommunications carriers, to municipal agencies, to broadcast stations, and to private landlords.

As Professional Engineers, we deal in facts, determining the state of compliance with federal, state, and local rules regarding:
            •  RF exposure conditions,
            •  acoustic noise levels, and
            •  interference protection. 

We have developed sophisticated analysis software for predictive studies, we maintain calibrated meters for measurement of existing conditions, and we develop mitigation recommendations when required.  We provide expert testimony frequently before government bodies and at community outreach meetings regarding public safety.

Founded 68 years ago, we continue to consult with broadcast stations across the country regarding channel allocations, transmitting site selection, and antenna design to optimize coverage.  We authored the FCC’s coverage and interference software for TV stations.

Our entire staff of eighteen, including five with individual P.E. registration, is committed to the highest standards of engineering excellence and ethical conduct.