Founded in 1952, Hammett & Edison has become a recognized leader for engineering services to the broadcasting industry.

Located from its inception near San Francisco, the firm presently has a professional staff of nine engineers, six of whom are registered as Professional Engineers.  They are supported by data processing, graphic arts, secretarial, and field personnel.  The firm is committed to the highest standards of engineering excellence and ethical conduct in the service of its clients.

H&E has traditionally had a focus on broadcast station coverage — obtaining, predicting, measuring, and improving signal coverage for its clients.  From that focus, the firm has developed a number of fields of expertise, including frequency allocation, transmitting site selection, and optimized antenna design.

Over the last 25 years, H&E has responded to client needs with a growing focus on environmental compliance for wireless telecommunications base stations — calculations for proposed facilities and measurements for existing facilities, along with mitigation of conditions, where appropriate.  From that focus, the firm has developed expertise with regard to RF exposure and acoustic noise.